AfLIA President's Fund

President’s fund helps strengthen innovation in Africa’s libraries.

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About the President's Fund

The purpose of the President's fund is to facilitate innovation of our Pan-African Library Association, AfLIA. The fund will be utilised for special innovative projects, emergencies and specialist operations.

A donation to the President's Fund will enable the President to respond speedily to new opportunites and challenges that may face the association. The Fund is an integral component of maintaining and improving innovation within AfLIA.

The donation to this fund will provide flexible support for AfLIA to find areas of greatest need; give strength to AfLIA's efforts to support the realisation of the AU 2063 Agenda "the Africa We Want" and the UN 2030 sustainable development Goals; respond to disasters and support emerging library associations. This fund enables the president and AfLIA respond to Africa's libraries as they respond to the development needs of their communities.

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